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Prawn & Pork Spring Roll

rice paper wrapping with prawn and pork, rice noodle, lettuce, pickles, mints and chives. two pieces, served with peanut sauce


Fried Veggies Spring Roll

fried veggie spring roll, three pieces, served with peanut sauce


Tofu Spring Roll

rice paper wrapping with tofu, rice noodle, lettuce, pickles, mints and chives, two pieces, served with peanut sauce


Fried Seafood Springroll

fried seafood spring roll, 3 pieces


Egg Roll

fried vietnamese spring roll with pork and veggie fillings, two pieces, severed with nuoc cham


Lemongrass Beef in Kawakawa Leaves

lemongrass beef wrapped in kawakawa leaves, 1 skewer, served with peanut sauce


Saigon style chicken skewer (3 skewers)

This is a delightful traditional Vietnamese flavour and contemporary grilling techniques. With every bites, you will exerience a tantalizing blend of aromatic lemongrass and the warm spicy notes of curry. Served with side our signature satay peanut dipping sauce.



Noodle Soup - Pho

pho, beef broth, rice noodle, choice of meat or tofu, served with bean sprouts, onion, lemon, pepper, coriander and basil leaves


Noodle Salad (GF) - Bun

bun thit nu'ong - a combination of vermicelli noodles, choice of meat or tofu, a variety of vegetables, vietnamese herbs, dried shallots and peanuts, served with nuoc cham.


Banh Mi - Vietnamese Baguette

banh mi - a Vietnamese single serving baguette also called banh mi in Vietnamese, is split lengthwise, filled with various ingredients meats, pate, mayonnaise, pickled vegetables, cucumber and coriander with your choice of protein


Vietnamese Salad (GF) - Goi

goi - a combination of a variety of vegetables, vietnamese herbs, choice of meats or tofu, dried shallots and peanut. served with nuoc cham


Signature Rice Dish - Com

Com Saigon - a Vietnamese rice dish served with various greens and pickled vegetables: enjoy a combination rice plate with a small bowl of garlic sauce


Saigon Style Curry (GF)

a combination of curry with potato, carrot and coconut milk, served with rice


Bento Banhmi Box

a bento box with Banhmi (Vietnamese baguette with your choice of protein), a small salad and small bites


Bento Rice Box

a bento box with rice ( your choice of protein), small salad, and small bites


Low Carb Bento Box


Saigon Favourites

Curry Dinner

comes with rice and salad


Chicken Ginger Lemongrass (5.00pm-close)

Well marinated chicken, then braised in a mixture of ginger, lemongrass and garlic. Served with rice and salad.


Prawn and Pork Belly in Caramelized Sauce (5.00pm-close)

A southern style dish. Prawn and Pork Belly stir fried on high heat, then reduced in caramelized sauce with coconut water, pineapple. Served with rice and salad.


Family Meal Deal

Vegan Family Meal Deal

a vegan family meal deal for family: a dinner size veggie curry with rice and salad, 2pcs of spring roll tofu, 3pcs of veggie fried spring roll, 1 noodle salad with tofu


Family Daily Meal Deal

1 Pho, 1 Banh mi, 1 Bun - noodle salad, 1 curry, 2pcs of springroll, 2pcs of eggroll


Sides / Extra

Small Jasmine Rice


Small Beef Broth Soup


Medium Beef Broth Soup


Small Plain Rice Noodle (Bun)


Small Plain Noodle (Pho)


Extra Fish Sauce


Extra Peanut Sauce


Extra Garlic Sauce


Extra Hoisin Sauce and Siracha



Coke Can (classic)


Coke Zero Can






Vietnamese Coffee


Manuka Brother Coffee



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